Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Later Skaters.

So, like.
I'm pretty much done with fashion Blogger hey.
After Australian Fashion Week last week, I can pretty much say, I'm fucking over it.

I love fashion. With every fibre of my being.
I sometimes wish I didn't. It's an expensive love to have.
 Since opening my first Vogue when I was 13 (UK, it was) and glimpsing that amazing Tim Walker editorial of Lily Cole in India in a fantastical world of texture and colour and life, I can safely say...fashion is HEAVEN.
 I have an addiction to its beauty and splendour. 
 And I know I always will, it's something one cannot easily shake off and cease to admire.

My passion for it escalated in High School, to the point that when I was 17 (quite a few years ago now, sorry to say), I stumbled into the world of fashion Blogger.
I loved being able to post my inspirations, find and follow other bloggers so similar to me, to share thoughts and ideas and fashion crushes.
I loved how fresh it was, how people tried to do their own thing, be creative as possible with their outfit choices, and had realistic budgets and expectations (well, at least somewhat). 

I liked the variety of blogs I followed, and how versatile and inventive some of them were.

Now, shit has changed. The Fellts happened.
What a fucking joke that is.
Yes, those girls are beautiful, utterly stylish and have amazing taste in fashion and what not. 
But hey, do you remember a time when they weren't so fucking glamourised  and up themselves?
I do.
I remember when you used to be able to talk to them, and get a response from them without having to suck up with a cliched "OMG, you are SUCH a babe" comment.
I remember when some of them had to do it all on their own.
Not as many free clothes, heck, I reckon they actually had to PAY for shit. They had to be more creative and source their outfits far more carefully, and they were inspiring because if you wanted a similar look (not that I copied them, but I'm speaking generally here), it was actually ACHIEVABLE.
Not designer, layered upon designer.
If I wanted to see that, I'd buy a magazine.
 And as for their normal everyday lives?
Not every normal blogger is shipped off overseas for fashion week antics and mingling with the pretentious elite.
Like seriously, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? 
They used to be so relatable.
Anyway. I still admire their style, but heck. It makes me mad they still classify themselves as bloggers when they prance around acting like models and celebrities. 

As for other bloggers, I find that the creative fashion photography and art blogs seem to becoming far more sparse these days. Most making the move to Tumblr.
They're half the blogs I used to adore and follow, and now I mainly see blogs consisting only of outfit posts and giveaways. There is not as much writing as there used to be, or inspirational posts.
If I ever came across a stylish person's blog, I loved to see into their inspirations, and hear their thoughts and feelings, not just identify the labels of the attire they slapped on their back.

As for the suck ups! SHIT. I do NOT want to waste my time on these people.
"Oh you're amazing, like I love your shoes, you should so model, like OMG. Please come visit and follow my blog". 
Or the bloggers with their eyes set on what I like to refer to as "blogger-climbing", and heave their way up on the ladder by flattering and sucking up to the virtually well known girls and boys, just to gain more attention and more followers, and hence, quench their ego thirst. 

Yo. This was supposed to be about creativity!!!

Yuck, guys. Just fucking yuck. 

This blog of mine, I love and adore. It has been around for a few years now and has had a lovely following. I would love to thank you all for bearing with my ups and downs, and crazy fashion phases.
I am glad I have been able to provide you with not only fashion, but photography and musical inspiration for the past four years. For those of you I have made friendships with, I am glad that this is what brought us together. 
But it is time for me to give it up, if not forever, then at least for a good while. 
I need a break from it.

As a very creative girl, I know I will probably stumble down other creative paths in the future, so I'll try and update you on that if it so happens.

But as for now, if you want to stay in touch, please pop by my tumblr, Basil The Goat or pop by my Instagram @labanna.

Leaving you with one last dreamy song and film clip by Swim Deep.  Do listen to it, and let it melt your heart and eyes.

Thank you all, and I may or may not speak to you soon.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yellow and blue and floral too.

Yellow and blue and floral too.

Photographs from the following Flickr accounts:
Unfocusedsmile, Michela Heim, Bertha Pfirsich, EYLUL ASLAN, Carly Scott, BONINO

Monday, March 25, 2013

Christopher Esber AW 2013 - Turtleneck

One thing I love about Autumn/Winter? High neck garments.
I'm skipping like a schoolgirl because the turtleneck is making a comeback!!!
Due to my neck being abnormally long, I have always worn and been a big fan of this particular style.

Enjoying these minimalistic neck-warming garments from the latest Christopher Esber A/W 2013 collection.
The soft, white knit with the contrasting smooth, black leather.

(images via vogue.com.au)

Friday, March 22, 2013


'Marijuana' by Chrome Sparks.
From the EP 'Sparks'.

Loveeeee this song. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Paco Rabanne Fall 2013

ADORING some of the pieces from the Paco Rabanne Fall 2013.
The intricate chain detailing, the shimmering grid patterned shirt, the decadent leather pleated skirts and of course, the tailored pilot-like jackets.

images via elle.com

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Young Jerry Hall by Antonio Lopez

Jerry Hall. Notorious bitch, notorious babe.
Amazing glamourzon woman of the 70s and 80s.
We are used to seeing her shiny, perfect, timeless photographs splashed throughout the pages of fashion history.
Yet today, I happened to stumble upon these photos of her.
At 16, a raw, more natural portrayal of Jerry Hall during a road trip in Texas with Antonio Lopez. 
And I am utterly SMITTEN.

Love, love, LOVE these images.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Maxi Skirts at Givenchy Fall 2013 RTW

So, so smitten with Givenchy Fall 2013 RTW which showed earlier today in Paris.
Particularly the big jumpers styled with the maxi skirts and boots.
It's pretty much my autumn/winter style summarised to a tee, so I admittedly got very excited over seeing this collection!
There is something I just adore about maxi skirts. They're long and floaty, and as a very tall girl (5'11 ...that's right bitchezz), with a fondness of bohemian style (I blame Byron Bay for that one), I often sport these garments because I feel very at ease and comfortable when I wear them.
Riccardo Tisci has produced some STUNNING skirts today, some sheer and embroided, others bearing floral or paisley prints. All, so dreamy.
Really well done, I'm super dooper impressed.

(images via Style.com)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Wait. The official video from DIIV. 
So dreamy. So sensual.
A great track too (from an impeccable album).

It's got tits and bums, it's got gay kisses and cum.
It's got cameos from Sky Ferreira, Ashley Smith and Petra  Collins to name a few. 

So watch it, yeah?

Details: Paris Fall 2013 RTW

Diggin some of da deetz from Paris fashion week so far.
Chalayan, Rick Owens, Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Balmain.

(images via vogue.com)

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm looking to lose my mind in a dream state...

Inspiration from flickr. 
(Robert Moses Joyce, Neil Krug, Neon Tambourine, Valeria Cherchi, hui+)

I'm looking to lose my mind in a dream state
Reality is boring me and scaring me
I'm trapped in a self started spiral of doubt
Dreaming makes it fade away